Apartments "Villa Antonia" – accommodation in Montenegro, place where You are important!


Apartments "Villa Antonia" – brief description

Apartments "Villa Antonia" is located on the second line from the sea in Lepetane – the real charming sea front fishermen village with lovley old stone houses. "Villa Antonia" is located just within 30 m from the shore and 5 min walking distance to the local beached and little bays. Each apartment in "Villa Antonia" has a balcony from which spectacular sea view can be enjoyed. "Villa Antonia" is made up of 8 apartments (20 – 45 m2), 4 studios i 4 one bedroom apartments (floor plan of each apartment can be found below). All apartments were built according to the contemporary standards (completed in May 2010) and fitted tastefully. Privacy of each and every guest is assured by the layout of the apartments and thanks to the terrain ("Villa Antonia" is slightly elevated ensuring the uninterupted views).

All appliances in the villa are new and still enjoy the guarrantee warrant; this is one of the guarrrantees that we want Your vacation to be enjoyed on the level you deserve. Appliances are: fully fitted kitchen, bathroom, 1 AC unit per apartment, Internet connection, stop sol glasses, satellite and cable TV, central system for water and ventilation, optimal lights and emergency lights. "Villa Antonia" is fitted with laudry (washing machine and dryer) that is available for use of all guests. 

* Apartments 5 & 6 have 1washing machine each.

* Apartments is a freehold ownership of the family Vucinovic who live near the Villa

Family Vucinovic is into tourism with the passion of remarkable Montenegrin host (and we are proud of our hospitality!). Family Vucinovic is aware of the importance of the holiday and the comfort expected of the holiday accommodation which is needed as the necessary lodge for peace and dreams. This is, we believe, one of the elements needed for the experience of the holiday from which you leave content, rested and ready to wrestle with the deaily obligations awaiting you at home with the promise that you will visit us again. With this fact in mind as the guiding idea, You matter to us, dear Guests! "Villa Antonia" is successfully fullfilling our intention to make your holiday special. "Villa Antonia" is a place we believe accommodation should be like:  it is on the good location, with fantastic sea views and with excellent hosts. We are looking forward to being your hosts! We are available at your requests – welcome!




Type of accommodation Apartments Number
of beds
29th May

25th Okt...

28th May - 18th June

11th Sep - 25. Okt

18th June - 09th July

27th Aug - 10th Sep

09th July - 27th Aug
Apartment No.1 (Malaga) 3+1 15,00 € 20,00 € 27,00 € 35,00 €
Apartment No.2 (Azzuro) 2+2 16,00 € 22,00 € 29,00 € 39,00 €
Apartment No.3 (Calipso) 3+1 13,00 € 16,00 € 20,00 € 29,00 €
Apartment No.4 (Sunset) 2+1 20,00 € 27,00 € 35,00 € 42,00 €
Apartment No.5 (Sunrise) 5+2 30,00 € 40,00 € 55,00 € 65,00 €
Apartment No.6 (Relax) 5+2 45,00 € 55,00 € 65,00 € 80,00 €
Apartment No.7 (RedSun) 4+1 25,00 € 30,00 € 37,00 € 45,00 €
Room R1 4 - 14,00 € 17,00 € 22,00 €
Room R2 2+1 - 13,00 € 16,00 € 19,00 €
Room R3 2 - 12,00 € 15,00 € 18,00 €
Room R4 2 - 12,00 € 15,00 € 18,00 €


* Price includes the stay in the apartment/s you have rented out, use of all the appliances in the apartment, use of the laundry area, linen and 1 set of towels.  



Our apartments





If you are happy with all stated and you would like to proceed with booking, please let us know that by email or by calling us and expressing interest about: a) apartment/s you are interested in b) dates of arrival and departures. Confirmation of the arrival is expressed by sending the 40% deposit on the bank account of the Owner on time.




Check in/Check out:

            We kindly ask you to let us know if your planned arrival/departure is to be in early morning hours or in late evening hours.



"Villa Antonia" is located in Lepetane – tiny Medditerranean fishermen village which is a true spirit of the real Medditeranean. This place of specific charm with cca 200 inhabitants has all is needed for the real vacation, away from the noise and yet close enough if you decide to be part of the more dynamic beat. Nice gravel beaches (Verige, Ferao, Luka, Pijavica, Tomanovica plaza, Badanj) with the clearest sea in the bay of Boka Kotorska are just 5 min walking distance from "Villa Antonia". Punta and molls are the part of the recognizable picture of the Medditerranean from which you may enjoy the sea views or in case you decide to go for a swim – jump from! Decently supplied local store is just 2 min by walk where you can find all the ingredients for a good meal. Two coffee shops are within 2 mins reach by foot just as the post office, newspaper kiosk, mini basketball field and small park where children can play. Two beach bars are 5 -10 min walk (beach bars “Neka – Neka” and beach bar “Verige”). Lepetane in the summer months has double number of its inhabitants; reason for this lies in the fact that tourists who once spend the summer holidays here tend to keep coming back for years!

In case you are the passionate about nature and long walks, ideal part where you could walk to is between Lepetane and the next fishermen village Stoliv. On that relation, the road is in between the sea and tall trees. If you are the fan of more intense experience in nature, we recommend walks with stone stairs to Vece Brdo, on the top of hill which is elevated at the back of Lepetane. Regarding restaurant, first restaurants are 1km away (Villa Lovcen) and 2 km towawrd Kotor (excellent sea food restaurant in Donja Lastva and at the very beginning of Stoliv, another “konobaa:

Fans of visits of the churches are on the right place: we are proud Lepetane people who live in the fishermen village of 5 churches: (Sv Ana, Sv Anton, Sv Ilija (na Vecem Brdu), Gospa od Oriza i Gospa od Milosti). St Anton is church with active Sunday service. The rest of the churches are in ruined condition.  

Fans of local customs and the friendly ones – you will find it very easy going to talk to local people of Lepetane.

Local legend will be shared with you over Greek coffee or glass of “rakija” (grape made “grappa” / “schnaps”


Lepetane – connectivity

Lepetane is located on, so to speak, strategic position: exactly in between three towns of the bay of Boka Kotorska: Herceg Novi, Kotor and Tivat. Lepetane has two bus stops (for Tivat and for Kotor) and local taxi station. If you are arriving without a car/rent a car, transportation can be easily arranged.



Driving distance


10 mins

Tivat international airport

15 mins


20 mins

Herceg Novi

30 mins

Dubrovnik international airport

1 h

Dubrovnik town

1.5 h

Dubrovnik port

1.5 h

Bar port

1.5 h

Podgorica (Capital of Mne and int’l airport)

2 h


Pearls of Montenegro worth visiting while staying with us

Perast, the only baroque town under protection of UNESCO (10 mins by boat)

Kotor, medieval old town under protection of UNESCO (we are proud of the town walls that are longer than Dubrovnik ones, Cathedral of St Tryphon – one of the oldest cathedrals in Europe, piazzas and piazzetes) (20 min driving distance)

Herceg Novi – old town (20 mins driving distance)

Risan and Roman mosaics (40 mins driving distance)

Lipci (prehistoric drawing) (30 mins driving distance)

Walking trail and hill of Vrmac (20 mins driving distance)

Old stone village of Gornja Lastva (10 mins driving distance)

Old stone village of Gornji Stoliv (5 mins driving + 30 mins by foot on the stone steps)

Lovcen Mountain (1.5 h driving distance)

Njegusi village (1 h driving distance)

Fortress Mirac ( 45 mins driving distance)

Budva – the oldest settlement on the Montegrin coast (45 mins driving distance) i Montenegrin Metropolis of Tourism

Famous island of Sv Stefan (1 h driving distance)

Ulcinj & Velika Plaza (2.5 h driving distance)

Two islands in the bay of Boka Kotorska: Lady of Our Rocks and St. George near Perast (we will be happy to organize a morning/afternoon trip on your behalf to the islands)

Three islands near Tivat and Krtoli: Lady of the Mercy, St Marko (ex Club Med) and Island of the Flowers with the oldest Orthodox Archbishopy (found by St. Sava, one of the most worshiped Serbian Saints) (we will be happy to organize a day excursion to the islands on your behalf)

Peninsula of Lustica with spectacular beaches of Zanjice, Mirista i Island of Mamula (ex Austro – Hungarian prison) on the very opening of the Bay of Boka Kotorska (we will be happy to organize a day excursion to the peninsula & beaches on your behalf)

Jaz (regular and FKK beach) and Ploce beach, 30 min driving distance (in direction of Budva)



Family Vucinovic expects you and wishes you a warm welcome to "Villa Antonia"!!!